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Loot table

Hrdcorebum, Mar 5, 11 1:37 PM.
Found a good website to find drops and to see what a boss drops.

Raid: Inner Batcave (youtube video)

Deaths Reach, Feb 28, 11 1:05 PM.
Alright guys, here is another youtube video but this one has a theme song. (pretty sad huh) anyhooters check this video out it shows us how to get by the first boss, and the rest of the cave. Gear up "Peters" were going in!!!


smother53, Feb 24, 11 5:17 PM.
Check out this website got alot of great info, if u haven't already.

news source from the Whores mouth

Deaths Reach, Feb 23, 11 2:22 PM.
I'm tired of all the rumors that get thrown around on DCUO about level caps, new armor and weapons, etc. so I decided to help squish a few and help people out in the same turn. Below is DCUO's official site please use it to your advantage for future downloads and system shutdowns.


Where to find Iconic Villains and Hereos

Deepfreeze_DCUO, Feb 21, 11 8:58 PM.
Here is a site to help you locate all the Iconic Hereos and Villains to complete the feats More Than You Can Chew and Fanboy.
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